We're still here!! Our end of summer report...

Oh man this is going to be a mega-post.  We have so much to catch up on!!

First:  Bug turned 4 years old on August 3rd.
We have been so overwhelmingly busy lately that I almost didn't get invitations out, and when I did, I left off SEVERAL key people!  (You know who you are)
But, Bug had a great day...and that's all that matters.   Captain and I made a pirate cake for the party and I forgot to get a good picture of it!  It made an appearance in a few of the shots before Bug blew out his ca...oh wait, I forgot to bring a candle.  I also forgot to bring a tablecloth, and drinks for grownup people.

Let's just say that things have been extremely hectic lately. (as evidenced by the long time between posts on the blog)

We got some supercool pictures of Bug in two of his favorite costumes:

Second:  Pinkie needs a name change.  When I picked her up from school the other day, the teachers told me that all day she said "My name is Sassy Pants"  Here she is talking to Nana on the phone.  Sassy Pants is right.

 Third:  Nana and Pop came to stay for the weekend so Captain and I could take a weekend off.  A great time was had by all!

Nana said she kept trying to take pictures of the kids at the Children's Museum, but they were running around so much that she couldn't get them to stay still!  They loved the museum and I heard through the grapevine that Bug cried when they left.  Next on the ever-growing to-do list:  Go back to the Children's Museum.

You never know what's lurking around in our neighborhood.  Better be prepared and put your gun in the back of the gator.

 And finally, here's a few pictures that we've taken over the past few weeks:

You know Pinkie would have to take a 'birthday picture too.  She wanted her picture taken after we took Bug's on August 3rd.  We sure are busy, but we sure are having a great time raising these two precious kids.  I read my previous post that listed Pinkie's vocabulary and laughed.  She can say ANYTHING now.  She can also count to ten and sing the alphabet (she's been singing the alphabet for months now)  She almost knows her colors too.  God has blessed our family so much.  I am thankful for every crazy second we have together.