June 2011

You'll have to forgive me for posting about June BEFORE posting about August.  I can't figure out how to arrange the posts to where the June post comes before the August one.

 Pinkie turned two on June 25th!  She had three parties!!  One party was with her friends at school.  Bug came out of his class to attend those festivities:

 Then Pinkie had a party at Mimi's house!!  It was a swimming party (as in we had a waterpark in Mimi's backyard.  There was a wading pool, a slip and slide, and a water sprayer thingie)  The present of all presents was given to Pinkie by Aunt Alice.  A HUGE doll!  It's as big as Pinkie!  She also got a Gene-made crib with Princess Molly on the side of it.  What a present!

She had to tell Nana all about it on the way home from Vicksburg.

 And for party number three:  A party at Nana and Pop's house!  Em, Nana, Pop, Joe, Justina, Bug, Momma and Daddy were there for the festivities.  Pinkie got a pair of squeaky-shoes, a piggy bank, and a Minnie Mouse dress!  What a day!

Here's a before-haircut shot of Bug.

I love our neighborhood.  It was raining, and the light outside was cool, so we had a photo session with Bug and Pinkie.

 And here's Pinkie in not so good of a mood.  Even when she's upset, she's cute as a button!