Merry Christmas!! It's been too long since I've posted.  Here's a little bit of what's been happening around our house.
All the Grandkids and Mimi
Bug and Jack listening
 We took the kids to Canton to see the downtown square all lit up for Christmas.  They had a great time playing out in the cold!  And wouldn't you know it? The next day we wore short sleeves all day.  Only in Mississippi...

Pinkie is talking so much!  As of now (18 months old) she can say:  Mama, Daddy, Will, Nana, Pop, Dog, Eat, Thank you, Bye Bye, Down, Up and Down (uuupp eenn daayyuuun), Watch, I love you, Moo, Quack, Ho Ho Ho, Meow, Cat, Duck, No No, Uh Oh, Lovie, Cup, Grrrrrr, and she acts like she's going to bite you but instead she makes this cute chomp noise.)

Bug made a gingerbread house all by himself!  However, the candy has been mysteriously disappearing.