"Mama, I turned into a soldier today."

That's what I heard in the car on the way home from our awesome tour of one of the National Guard's C 17's on Monday.

Bug got a great opportunity from our friend 'Mister Rickey' who is a soldier with the MS National Guard. We got to see a C 17 up close and personal! Every plane we see Bug thinks 'Mister Rickey' is flying it.

C17's are huge in the sky, but seeing one on the ground is amazing. This plane is unbelievably big!!

We also got a cool opportunity to see one of the Hungarian C17's in a different hanger.

Thank you Rickey for a wonderful time~

And here's Bug and Pinkie on the way to school last Friday. Happy kids...

So sweet to each other

Pinkie and Dad in front of one of the old barns out on the family land.

My sassy little girl...

Speaking of sassy. This girl is something else. She is running all over the place. She loves to give hugs and kisses. When she kisses you, she'll say "awwwww"
Everything that Bug does, Pinkie wants to do. Most of the pictures I take of the two of them, she's looking at him. When I say "say cheese!" She looks to see what Bug is doing and then she'll copy him. She is so precious to me and Captain.