Well, here I am on a Saturday night, just finishing up my homework. I wonder if I'll ever be finished with school.

I just wanted to post an update on what's been happening in our lives. Captain has lost almost 40 pounds, and I have lost 27. We've lost a Pinkie and a Bug! I am so proud of Captain's determination. He is really something.

Bug is so sweet and loving with his sister. He told me on the way home from school the other day "I put my arm around her and love her and say CHEEESE for the camera, cause I'm the big brother"

I think Pinkie is developing allergies. Her eyes have been mucked up with this greenish discharge and her nose is running something awful. But through all that she is the most precious baby in the whole world. She thinks I'm funny and laughs at everything that I think is funny. She absolutely adores her Daddy and has a fit whenever she sees him.

I know someday I'll turn around and they'll be grown. I just want to cherish each second that they are with us. God has blessed us abundantly, and we have so much joy in our lives. I want to remember it forever.