Oh. My. Goodness we have been busy lately!

Pinkie got her first two teeth last week and has been crawling around in baby-fast-forward speed.

I have been working like crazy trying to finish this semester's work for my masters' program. (one more semester to go...)

Captain has been digging up our backyard planting all kinds of stuff. He cut down all our azalea bushes because they had some kind of disease. He promises they'll grow back, but I'm not so sure.

Bug is in the throws of potty training. He tells me to "give me some privacy mama" when he's sitting on his froggy potty. We've done pretty well with #2, but can't quite remember to regularly take him to the potty to go #1. It's more us in the potty training than it is him.

Here's a few pictures. I have a bunch on my camera that I haven't had time to download yet. Once I get a second or two I'll post some.