E!! You look amazing in the pix esp the one of you going home, I can't believe you just had a baby, WOW Hope I am as lucky!!! Will is precious I really enjoyed the slideshow!!! I think he looks like his daddy??? But I need to see him in person!!! This makes me so excited about my Little man!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love jenn shelby

great pictures! Will is precious! keep posting! love- lee ellen

he is soo presh!! I know yall are super excited! i cant wait to see him. i loved the slideshow. Michelle carson

UUMM, Chad Carr, Jr. He is adorable - Congratulations!
Perry Anne

Love the pics! He is truly adorable. I will have to agree that he looks like his daddy! Keep the pictures coming!

Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see you and meet your new love!!! Ya'll did good!!! Kelly Roberts

okay, #1. will is absolutely precious. #2. you look amazing on your way home. #3. That picture of you with the hospital cap on is one of the funniest things that i have ever seen!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

I think he looks like an Odom. He is too cute!

bella, your baby boy is beautiful!
congratulations. i can tell how proud your mom is to hold her first grandchild. love and best wishes, becky d

I Love him already! can't wait to meet him. He looks like a rocconi! I am so happy for elizabeth and chad