I figured we could use this page to put our newest pictures and talk about what's going on in our lives. bug has lost his umbilical cord and his circumcision ring! Aww, he's growing up!! We had a good night last night (mimi's last night to stay with us) and we are looking forward to getting our sleep patterns set up! We'd love to hear from you~


Will is my new favorite person. Sorry guys!

The pictures are great! Congradulations! John B.

Hey Elizabeth,
I am looking so forward to being able to keep up with you guys this way. I also have a blogspot so check it out sometime. Although I have to say that I am not great at keeping it updated, but I try. Will is adorable! Keep the updates coming!
Kim DeLoach

E!! All the pix are GREAT! You look amazing in the one coming home from the hospital, are you sure you just had a BABY?? I am so happy for yall, this makes me so excited about meeting lil walker. I think Will looks like Chad??? He's just precious!!! This is a great way to keep in Toucc!! Jennifer Shelby

I'm so impressed by all this blogging! I'm not technical at all. And you know I'm nervous about not having spell check on this :-). Anyway, Will is absolutely the most handsome little fellow! I know you are enjoying him WAY TOO MUCH! I can't wait to meet him in person. I miss you all! Love Julie Hollingsworth