Last weekend we went down to the Mississippi Coast for a few days.  We stayed from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon and had a BLAST.   Here's pictures from our trip.

First we took the ferry over to Ship Island.  We saw dolphins on the way there and on the way back!  We were almost the last people to get back on the ferry home.  The kids did NOT want to come back.

 There were not that many people there!  We walked down a ways from the group of people and pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. The sand was white!  Anyone who's gone to the MS coast knows how the barrier islands muck up the water on the beaches, but Ship Island was clear as a bell!  We loved it.

The day after we had our beach day, we went over to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.

I really don't have to say much about this place, because the kids faces tell the entire story.  We spent the entire afternoon there, and the children slept great that night!!

 It was hard to catch a picture because they were running around so much!  This place was really a treat.  I would recommend it to any of my friends with small kids.  It's worth the drive down.  Also, we ate at the White Cap restaurant for lunch (it was literally one block away from the museum) and it was divine!

Let the summer begin!!!!