If you don't like the weather in MS, just wait a day and it'll change!!  We visited Nana and Pop at the beginning of Feburary and FROZE. We (of course) had to ride the Gator.  Notice Pinkie's concentration. She held on tight to her handle the whole ride.
 These two pictures are from the end of January on a day where Pinkie and Bug played in Pinkies room all afternoon. Captain's aunt Mary from Laurel sent us a table and chairs, we got a kitchen from Nana and Pop for Christmas, and Mimi got us food and dishes.  We had a fun afternoon playing house.  Pinkie's room looked like a bomb had gone off in there.

 I found this outfit in a bag of hand-me-downs from our cousins.  I asked Bug if he thought he'd wear this outfit to church and he said "ewwww, no way mama".  I was so disappointed!  Just look how adorable he is in that outfit!  Oh well, we tried it on anyway.  Pinkie had to scope out the fashion show before Bug got sick of his "spenders" (suspenders)

 Captain and I got to go to a surprise birthday party for our friends The Schnackenburgs.  It was an 80's themed party, so we went all out!  We had a blast and even stayed out until 10:00!  Man, we are such rebels...preppy rebels.

 Pinkie and Bug are really growing up, aren't they?  They are the lights of our lives, and I thank God for them every day.

 We had such pretty weather this past Saturday (75 degrees in FEBRUARY?!?!) so Captain and the kids washed his truck!