Before time goes by and we all forget...I thought I'd catalog a few of Bug's sayings:

Lemme holdgew Translation "Let me hold you"

Whats wrong baby Lister?

LOOKATDEBIGTRUK Translation "Look at the big truck" In his deep voice

No Momma

No Da Da

Hop up big boy (he says this one when he's getting into his carseat by himself, or if he's getting into the chair with me)

I love you momma/dada

Amen, Jesus (after we say morning or night prayers, or if we say the blessing)

Iscareder Translation "I scared her"

I look like Pop (when he's got on his hat and his spiderman sunglasses on)

I pooted (His dad taught him this one for sure)

Put on my blew shews/swimmin shews/brown sandals?

Turn the light of Daddy (at bedtime)

I hold the lotion (after bathtime)

Rick Ocasek (this one is all dad, no explanation from me here)

Ole Miss Rebels Hotty Toddy

Stop it Dottie

Legisladers and senaders (when you ask who works at the State Capital...another one from Dad)

I want some raisins?

That daddy's coffee?

Want bite?

Hey Chad! (when dad comes home from work)

How bout raisins? (when we say how about *insert food item here*)

~and there are a million more that I can't think of right now