Will Carr's current vocabulary (sorry, no pictures this time. My camera's batteries are dead and I am too (busy/lazy/much of a procrastinator/insert excuse here) to replace them. I promise to get some new ones up soon.

mama, dada, dottiedawg, nana, pop pop, mimi, gramps, pepaw, tracey, rush, joe, nina(justina), kaye, robby, yack(jack), sam, em, rhonda, jamie, mary, roy, merle, doyle, melissa, gia, ella, seth, jordan, keagan, avery, rivers, eric, kiss, book, table, cup, chair, bowl, milk, juice, outside, ralphie, ball, big ball, basketball, football, throw it, get down, all done, amen, jesus, shhhh, ooohweee, uh oh, help, door, window, shower, nite nite, eat, chip, cookie, cracker, sissy's bed, bed, airplane, choo choo train, tractor, telephone, mouse, careful, dirt, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, cheek, bellybutton, bye bye, hey, hello, foot, shoe, sock, tummy, leg, kitty cat, puppy dog, horsie, cow, chicken, cock a doodle doo, giraffe, lion, bear, sheep, goat, chick, owl, (he can make all the noises for those animals too), flower, turtle, rabbit, bird, swing, tree, apple, banana, blue, yellow, bathtime, water, bubble, ears, baby, boy, girl, snap, deer, dark, nighttime, clock, ticktock, and I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

I am also sure that the only people who will actually read this is Captain, my momma, and me! But I heard that once it's on the internet it's there forever, so I'd like to be able to pull this up in a few years to see it again.

See you soon!