I just wanted to show

how fast Bug has grown!


I LOVE that beach picture! How perfect!

Hey! Will is getting so big. We miss ya'll. Hopefully soon we can get together! Aidan says hi to his best friend!!!!

I can't believe how much he has grown! I will see you in Nov!!

Heyyy! I got your message, finally!! :) You're too sweet! I think your page is just precious! You have the cutest little family!

Also! I just remembered something looking at your pictures- before I started school, I worked at Cups in Brandon and there were SEVERAL hygienists that used to come in there and when I told them about my interview they were all trying to give me pointers and help me out. One lady (I can't remember her name but her husband is Dan.. ha, that's all I know) was telling me about you and actually showed me this page on her laptop. She was saying that if I had you as an interviewer that I should go on and on about how I saw your baby and how cute he is, hahaha!! She was trying to help me get brownie points :) Anyway, I just thought of that and thought it was hilarious :)