love the slideshow!!
happy 1st birthday will :)

your friend william misses you at wh!

Elizabeth, that was such a great video. I cannot believe that a year has already passed. Happy Birthday Will!

Elizabeth, you are so blessed with such a sweet, beautiful family...

Love, Lyndi

EO, I teared up watching this....it always amazes me how much a baby can change in a year!!! Happy Birthday to BUG!! Seeing these pictures makes me want another one!!!


happy birthday will!! i hope you have a great one!!

Happy Birthday Will!!!! Hate I didn't get to see you yesterday. I promise my mommy and daddy will get us together soon.


Your best bud,

Where does the time go? The video was too good! I am going to have to copy your idea and make one for Rebecca when she turns one.

Happy 1st Birthday Will!


That was awesome! Happy Birthday Will!