Can you see the tooth?


I can see it! I can see it! Yay, Will!!!

Awww! He can finally eat steak now!! Just kidding! Miss you guys. Call me soon!!!!1

I think I see two. Is there two in there??? I hope he is not a bad teether!!! Addie Kate is teething right now. We are not happily awaiting the top ones. she is not being very nice!!!

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Elizabeth! Hey girl! Your little boy is too cute!! He is just precious! Your blog looks great! I have got to figure out how to make ours look cute!!

Laura (Wolfe) Harris

hi, so glad we found each other. where are the carr's these days? your wee tot is adorable and those baby teeth are so sweet. i was the dollar delivery lady tonight or dollarSSSS plural. AIN'T no 2nd grader gonna accept one dollar from the tooth fairy these days.

Oh no.. not the songs again, Its so loud, I liked your blog without it.