Meg tagged me. So here goes...

maybe i should iron more often so it doesn't become this enormous mountain of captain's khaki pants

i love the smell of Bug when he's clean, and Nanny bread (I'll never forget that smell)

people would say that i’m a dork, a pushover, energetic

i don’t understand why my hair looks great the morning of a haircut. It's like my hair is negotiating with me....look, look, I promise I'll act right...just don't cut me...see I can look good without being cut....I'll act right all day

when i wake up in the morning Captain brings me the baby to feed while he gets in the shower, so Bug and I have breakfast in bed

i lost my willpower to try and lose the 5 pounds I have left to lose before my self imposed deadline (which is Thursday...anybody know how to lose 5lbs in two days? ... Besides a colonoscopy)

life is so much fun right now

my past will always be there to remind me not to make the same mistakes again

i get annoyed when drivers KNOW that the lane is fixing to end, but they gun it to get in the front of the line...AND i get annoyed when I'm the one gunning and nobody will let me's a double edged sword isn't it?

parties are not a good time to try to do the worm for the first time

dogs are the best thing ever. Especially nosy Jack Russel girls named Dottie Tenielle

cats are not trying to impress anybody dammit

tomorrow is a brand new chance to do it right

i have low tolerance for PESSIMISTS and Control Freaks

i’m totally terrified of losing Captain and my momma

i wonder why I thought my life would be organized?

never in my life have i bungee jumped

high school was a lot of fun, but I'd NEVER wish for those days again.

when i’m nervous I feel like my stomach will drop right out of the bottom of my shoes

one time at a family gathering I ran right into Nanny's sliding glass door running at full speed and almost got knocked out and all 9000 of my family thought it was hilarious

take my advice: get lots of kisses while he'll still give them to you for free.

making my bed is an occurence that rarely happens, but it makes me feel good when I come in and it's made up

i'm almost always running late

i’m addicted to mahjong titans and filling up my project playlists