My friend Val just tagged me. So I am trying to figure out anything weird or interesting about me worth noting. Ok, I'm just gonna type and see where it goes.

1. I watch the Family Guy. It's horrible and I would never let a child ever see it, but it is so funny!!

2. I am hoarding two gift cards that I got to Ann Taylor. Roses, I know you told me to use it, but I just can't do it yet! Sometimes I get them out and think about how much fun it's going to be when I lose my preg weight and get to clothes shop.

Wait, maybe I need to just go on and spend those gift cards. I am not really studying losing all that weight.

3. I am really good at impersonating people. (at least I think so... nobody else does)

4. I embellish just about every story. You know, just to make it a liiittle more interesting. The bad thing about that is that I can NOT do that where I work. Students will only remember the embellishment and then it will come back to bite me.

But it makes for some really good stories!! (With really good impressions of people I might add.)

5. The CMDHAssociation is really just me and my boss. HA! Isn't that funny?

There are actually other members, but we are the only ones who are hosting a National Dental Hygiene Board Review Course with 150 people coming from 7, count em, SEVEN different schools across the southeast.

And it's just me and my boss!

OHH the work.

I have a set of post it notes that say "SHOO
so true...but I can't say no. (especially to my boss)

6. I never knew the range of emotions that I'd feel once I became a parent. The highs are sooo high! And the lows are so low. When I had to take bug to daycare for the first time I cried like someone had died. It was horrible. And now that bug is interacting so much, Captain and I spend pretty much every night laughing uncontrollably at his outbursts. When he rolls over you'd think I just won a million dollars or something.

7. I hate roaches with a passion. I can stand mice and spiders and pretty much any other critter, but I HATE roaches.

When LEB and I lived in our apartment, we KILLED a roach and then went to class all day. When we came home that roach was ALIVE. ALIVE I tell you. He was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette holding the remote kind of alive. (note embellishment)

Then there was this one time that I took a shower at Captain's house. I had put a towel on the floor to step on and when I did, well guess what was under it. Yep. Right in between my toes. A nasty, disgusting, slimy, wriggling roach. UGGGHHHH! It gives me the shivers thinking about it.

Ok that's seven things about me!
Oh yeah, it wouldn't be one of my posts
if I didn't put a picture of bug