Sorry I can't put up any pictures, but we have been having computer trouble. That is soooo nerve racking. So this update will have to be all text.
Where to start???? We have had several big occasions over the last few days. bug has had his first ear infection (welcome to the world of daycare), we had bug's christening last weekend, and I got whatever upper respiratory infection that bug has.
We spent the Saturday before bug's christening in the doctor's office. He was just miserable. Needless to say, Captain and I had a sick baby to deal with, so we forgot to charge up the camera batteries and I only got about 3 pictures of bug in his christening gown. He did a great job and didn't cry at all when our pastor put the water on his head, and I didn't cry much either!
Lots of family were there to see bug's special day.
Bug is coughing up a storm working out his congestion, but it's so sweet after he has a coughing fit because he'll let out this big sigh. He's found his voice and he has started cooing a lot. I'll say something and pause and bug will coo and cough a little, and then I'll say something and he pauses. He's working on his conversational skills!
I promise I'll put pictures up when I get our stupid computer working again.